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Herzog holiday 2012

OK Werner, Zine, by Jean & Brian McEwan 2012

I love this new zine, ‘Ok Werner‘ a collaborative fanzine made by siblings, Yorkshire-based artist Jean McEwan and Glasgow-based musician Brian McEwan about their favourite filmmaker, Werner Herzog.
The zine was made over a period of 4 days in late July 2012 at Jean’s house in Yorkshire on a self appointed ‘Herzog holiday’ and contains our personal and collaborative responses to Herzog and his films via interviews, quotes, images and writing.

The zine is 24 pages, A5, with two colour pages (including the cover), the remaining pages printed in black and white and you can get it here for £1.50 plus postage.


What have a a pair of swans and Werner Herzog got in common?

Issue 4 of  Jean McEwan’s zine, This Is Water, is out now, £2 plus postage. The zine is described as made in Palma, this issue contains, “among other things: a pair of swans, a vile man with a yacht, dogs with attitude, a little bit of Haruki Murakami, reflections on street performers, a public workers demonstration and Werner Herzog.” You can order your copy online from here.