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Hebden shuffle

A list of all the music tracks I listened to on my way over to Hebden Bridge on the bus today. (Easy listening Wednesday shuffle).

“I’m looking for someone to find me” ~ Richard Hawley

“This old heart of mine” ~ Isley Brothers

“Harvest Moon” ~ Neil Young

“I’m on fire” ~ Bruce Springsteen

“I can’t go for that” ~ Hall & Oates

“Time will pass you by” ~ Tobi Legend

“Heard them stirring” ~ Fleet Foxes

“Double” ~ Vertiver

“Long train runnin'” ~ The Dobbie Brothers

“Love on a mountain top” ~ Robert Knight

“(You make me feel like) A natural woman” ~ Aretha Franklin

“Velvet snow” ~ Kings of Leon

“Sadie” ~ Joanna Newsom


A wing and a prayer

Some stuff – 9am flight to Newquay (28th June 2011)

Painted lines (of brick red & off white) restrain and herd us out to the waiting aeroplane

Air South West logo (pale blue to lilac in 6 jumps)

The shadow on the ground from the aeroplane in the air

Straw bales (wrapped in black plastic) far below – tiny rows of full stops punctuating the fields

Trees looking like broccoli florets from the air

Roads thin as daddy-long-legs coming together at a village crossroads

A plane far below looking like a silvery minnow

Hedgerows resembling bleeding inky lines

Major roads, looking like folds across the landscape

Many shaped mirrors reflecting the light

A large factory complex, it’s roofs of greys and magnolia stripes remind me of a Sean Scully painting

Everywhere a Thomas Nozkowski

No smoking signs all Lite up

A forrest shaped like a picasso head

The mouth of the river Avon open wide

Sheep & cattle below looking like tiny daisies on a lawn

Caravan park looking like a stripey sock

6 cricket wickets in a row – look like another Sean Scully

A women reading a magazine article about Andy Warhol prints

Another reading a book about Parkinson’s disease

Man scratching his head doing a crossword puzzle

The. Bump of the plane against the clouds