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Waiting for a taxi


Anybody know how to play this instrument

My aspirations for Bradford

How do‘ , as you may already know, is a wonderful new monthly publication about what’s happening in Bradford. And the jolly nice people at the magazine recently posted this on Twitter: “@HowDoBradford What are your aspirations for Bradford? Let us know in a tweet, or alternatively a 50 word email to haigh@howdomagazine.co.uk”.

This got me to thinking what would my aspirations for Bradford be? So here is my 50 words (or there abouts).

I would like Bradford to be somewhere a little warmer, like Spain for example. I would like to have orange trees growing throughout the City, lining the streets, which would be pedestrian only. I think white-washing the entire Town Centre would be fun, as would turning the Town Hall into Disney World and moving all the Disney Characters into it.

You don’t get much for 50 words to be honest but i tried – why don’t you have a go?

Art discovery

a found drawing by an unknown artist

A recent lucky art discovery. I found this on the floor, it’s a portrait although the subject is unknown as is the artist.

Not sure if i’m coming or going today

Obsession in Bradford

I think this weekend might be your last chance to see the Esther Johnson show ‘obsession’ at the South Square Gallery, Bradford. I visited the show yesterday and really enjoyed it – i can’t recommend it enough. Below are some pics of the installation but the show stopper is her beautiful film.

In the downstairs space there are also some wonderful paintings by Martin Hearne, Hopper-esque views of Bradford streets and buildings.

Weird Signs

I don’t know what it is – but there is just something weird about this sign.