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Loopholes | Michael Day


Loopholes | Michael Day | 07 -29 April 2012

Loopholes is a solo exhibition by Sheffield-based artist Michael Day that combines video projections and electronics to explore moving image, landscape and technology.

South Square, Thornton, Bradford, BD13 3LD http://www.southsquarecentre.co.uk/index.php?/gallery/current/


Gallery Visit

Chris Smith | Telling the Truth Takes Time | 03 – 26 Feb 2012,

I went to the South Square Gallery in Thornton yesterday to have lunch in their wonderful veggie cafe and to say hello to Patricia Calver, Curator of 6-inch Cube, one of the previous exhibitions. I also managed to sneak a look at some great paintings being hung for the latest gallery show. Telling the Truth Takes Time, opens this Friday evening and features Artist, Chris Smith‘s enigmatic paintings of objects, such as the empty shell of a caravan, (see above). This promises to be an excellent show.