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A new online gallery for Phil Shepherd’s paintings

Photograph of artist Phil Shepherd


Phil Shepherd was born in London in 1933. He left school at 14 and worked in a scenic studio who produced back-drops for theatres and display stands, following this he worked repairing window dummies before completing his national service in 1951-1953.

He is a self taught artist and had no formal training. He lived in Soho for a while surviving by doing jobs of a dreary and mundane nature and occasional murals in coffee bars and seedy clubs.

He’s exhibited in Norway, London, and other towns in the British Isles, has spent considerable time in Deya – Mallorca where many artists, writers and musicians reside, notably the writer Robert Graves. There he has shown his work in one man and group shows along with Mati Klarwein and Brett Whiteley.

For the past 18 years he has been living in Haworth, West Yorkshire and has exhibited in group shows there and Harrogate.

During his lifetime he’s worked on book covers and a couple of record sleeves, decorated furniture and a gypsy caravan and worked as a sign writer in London and New York. He has also worked on large inflatable stage props for the Rolling Stones 1990 tour “Urban Jungle” and Roger Walter’s concert commemerating the demelition of the Berlin Wall.


Peter Gallo

Blue Ship  2011 Oil on linen on found panel 12x23"

Paint Symptoms  2011 Oil on dyed felt mounted on panel with staples 16x8"

Peter Gallo – so good!

Narrenschiff (ship of fools)

Narrenschiff, 2011, Oil on linen on wooden frame with staples, 26x18" / 66x45.7cm, by Peter Gallo

Narrenschiff, 2011, Oil on linen on wooden frame with staples, 26×18″ / 66×45.7cm, by Peter Gallo

Some great new works by Peter Gallo can be seen up on here:  http://hortongallery.com/artist/petergallo


6-inch Cube, the movie!

Video of the opening night at the exhibition ‘6-inch Cube’ at the South Square Gallery, in Thornton. The wonderful Patricia Calver (artist and curator) has curated the diverse group exhibition 6-inch Cube. The exhibition brings together beautifully crafted small and miniature artworks made from across the UK. Among the artists included in the show were: Morwenna Catt, Sue Platt, David Thomas, Keith Murdoch, Terry Green, Elizabeth Milner, Patricia Calver, Nancy Stedman, Val Emmerson, Tracy Leach-Williams, Irene Edwards, June Russell, Anna Lambert and Heide Harding (with her stunning performance). Apologies to all the other Artists whose names i neglected to note down.

Howard Hodgkin

I stumbled on Howard Hodgkin’s web site and some interesting recent work by the artist. The work is being exhibited in New York, at the Gogasian Gallery, at the moment. I will keep a look out for any reviews and post them up here if and when i find them.

*If you are the copyright holder of anything posted here, and do not wish it to be made available, please contact me and I will take it down*

Dorothy Iannone

(b.1933 Boston, Massachusetts, US)
Lives and works in Berlin

I’ve only recently discovered this artist but i think she is pretty amazing! For more of her work click on the link on her name and spread the word.

Books, Jackets & Ned Kelly

Return to Glenrowan, (image care of the Nolan Gallery) by Sidney Nolan.

I’ve always been fascinated by the stories and images of the legendary Australian outlaw Ned Kelly. I have enjoyed many things that have been produced, inspired by his legend. i love the wonderful cycle of Ned Kelly paintings, completed in the 1940’s, by Sidney Nolan. I even liked the movie of his life, with Mick Jagger playing the lead.
There are many good books exploring his escapades and his life. The one that stands out is Peter Carey’s Booker prize winning: True History of the Kelly Gang. And very recently, well this morning actually, i stumbled on this web site (link) and was delighted to discover a page full of all the various jackets in which the book has been published from around the world.
My favourite are the two below but there are some interesting ones – including one with a wonderful Sidney Noland painting on the front. What a great idea to collect them altogether on one page like that. Nice one dude!