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Herzog holiday 2012

OK Werner, Zine, by Jean & Brian McEwan 2012

I love this new zine, ‘Ok Werner‘ a collaborative fanzine made by siblings, Yorkshire-based artist Jean McEwan and Glasgow-based musician Brian McEwan about their favourite filmmaker, Werner Herzog.
The zine was made over a period of 4 days in late July 2012 at Jean’s house in Yorkshire on a self appointed ‘Herzog holiday’ and contains our personal and collaborative responses to Herzog and his films via interviews, quotes, images and writing.

The zine is 24 pages, A5, with two colour pages (including the cover), the remaining pages printed in black and white and you can get it here for £1.50 plus postage.


Happy Birthday Weani McEwan

Photograph of Betty and a cake by Jean McEwan  (Weani's Birthday Blipfoto)

Photograph of Betty and a cake by Jean McEwan (Weani’s Birthday Blipfoto)

Here is artist Jean McEwan’s Birthday Blipfoto (Weani is not actually in the photo – that’s Betty!). Happy birthday Weani and that Cake is courtesy of Loz Keller-Bradbury.

What have a a pair of swans and Werner Herzog got in common?

Issue 4 of  Jean McEwan’s zine, This Is Water, is out now, £2 plus postage. The zine is described as made in Palma, this issue contains, “among other things: a pair of swans, a vile man with a yacht, dogs with attitude, a little bit of Haruki Murakami, reflections on street performers, a public workers demonstration and Werner Herzog.” You can order your copy online from here.

God Save The Zine

God-save-the-zine, hand produced flier by artist Jean McEwan, 2012

God Save The Zine, Hand produced flier, by artist Jean McEwan, 2012

Postcards from the seaside


Did i mention that Cardigirl (Jean McEwan) & me produced the artwork for The Housekeeping Society‘s wonderful new album ‘Postcards’. The album is due to be released on the 14th of May, details can be found here.

The band say that For this record, they wanted to create snapshots of an imaginary British seaside town, where visitors and inhabitants -holidaymakers, fishermen, local business proprieters -experience the joys and heartaches of living by the sea. Maybe they’re coming back for their annual visit, bagging a deckchair to watch the donkeys trek up to the pier and back. Maybe they’re sorting through the wreckage that saw their father/husband/lover lost at sea. Maybe they’re longingly waiting for the door of their B&B to open, heralding the arrival of a favoured customer. Maybe they’re resigned to the fact that new-fangled jet planes have made sunnier, foreign climes a more attractive summer holiday proposition.

(Postcards was produced, written, arranged and performed by Ric Neale, Spencer Bayles and Ivan Mack. Recorded and mixed by Gary Chilton, and mastered by Will Richards. The band were joined by Lizzie Hussey on violin and viola, Zosia Lewis Berkieta on saxophone, Anthony Davis on flute, with additional backing vocal by Jacqui Wicks. The artwork was created by Jean McEwan and Robert Hope, and edited with the help of Georgia Mack).


make-ugly-beautifol, tape and ink on magazine picture, 2012, by Robertsworld

My contribution to MAKE UGLY BEAUTIFUL.

Why not join today this fantastic new movement begun by artist Jean McEwan (please see below)

“Join the peoples democratic movement to MAKE UGLY BEAUTIFUL. A movement to transform our minds and our lives through creative actions. Make or write the words MAKE UGLY BEAUTIFUL wherever and however it makes sense for you to do so. Write them, type them, draw them. Scribble them in your notebook. Chalk them on the pavement or a park bench. Write them in condensation on a window. Make a badge out of them. Write them at home, work, out and about. Wherever and however it is meaningful to you. Take a photo of your action. Upload your image here. Together we can MAKE UGLY BEAUTIFUL”.


Jean McEwan

WE ARE ALIVE AGAIN, Jean McEwan, 2011

BasementArtsProject are “swapping the chill Yorkshire air for  the frozen Swedish air of the Stockholm Independent Art Fair”, 17th – 19th February. Artists taking part in this event with BasementArtsProject include:

Kimbal Bumstead
David Cotton
Andrew Crighton
Kelly Cumberland
Sarah Dale
Bruce Davies
Julie Dodd
Debra Eck
Phill Hopkins
Jacqueline Kerr
Jean McEwan
Matthew Merrick
Carol Ramsey
Alfie Strong
Stephen White
WalkerHill (Michael Walker / Martyn Hill
Wendy Williams
Sara Zaltash