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A new online gallery for Phil Shepherd’s paintings

Photograph of artist Phil Shepherd


Phil Shepherd was born in London in 1933. He left school at 14 and worked in a scenic studio who produced back-drops for theatres and display stands, following this he worked repairing window dummies before completing his national service in 1951-1953.

He is a self taught artist and had no formal training. He lived in Soho for a while surviving by doing jobs of a dreary and mundane nature and occasional murals in coffee bars and seedy clubs.

He’s exhibited in Norway, London, and other towns in the British Isles, has spent considerable time in Deya – Mallorca where many artists, writers and musicians reside, notably the writer Robert Graves. There he has shown his work in one man and group shows along with Mati Klarwein and Brett Whiteley.

For the past 18 years he has been living in Haworth, West Yorkshire and has exhibited in group shows there and Harrogate.

During his lifetime he’s worked on book covers and a couple of record sleeves, decorated furniture and a gypsy caravan and worked as a sign writer in London and New York. He has also worked on large inflatable stage props for the Rolling Stones 1990 tour “Urban Jungle” and Roger Walter’s concert commemerating the demelition of the Berlin Wall.


Happy Birthday to artist Phil Shepherd

The Distinction Between Being Up and Being Down At South Square.

Simon Boase | The Distinction Between Being Up and Being Down | 02 June – 01 July 2012 | South Square Gallery

The Distinction Between Being Up and Being Down is a sound and image installation considering the importance of dance music as a backdrop for various social experiences. Through inviting live contributions from international DJs, sharing mixes online and constructing furniture that references the interiors of house parties, Boase creates an environment where music and the structures of its proliferation are utilised and made accessible……..(from the gallery press release)

Exhibition View

Exhibition View

Exhibition View

Exhibition View







Rocked by the old clicketty-clack

Drawing by Robertsworld

My mind hums along to your picture postcard lives

My mind hums along to your picture postcard lifes (detail)

It’s not easy drawing your spectacles when your not wearing them!


God Save The Zine

God-save-the-zine, hand produced flier by artist Jean McEwan, 2012

God Save The Zine, Hand produced flier, by artist Jean McEwan, 2012