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Hebden shuffle

A list of all the music tracks I listened to on my way over to Hebden Bridge on the bus today. (Easy listening Wednesday shuffle).

“I’m looking for someone to find me” ~ Richard Hawley

“This old heart of mine” ~ Isley Brothers

“Harvest Moon” ~ Neil Young

“I’m on fire” ~ Bruce Springsteen

“I can’t go for that” ~ Hall & Oates

“Time will pass you by” ~ Tobi Legend

“Heard them stirring” ~ Fleet Foxes

“Double” ~ Vertiver

“Long train runnin'” ~ The Dobbie Brothers

“Love on a mountain top” ~ Robert Knight

“(You make me feel like) A natural woman” ~ Aretha Franklin

“Velvet snow” ~ Kings of Leon

“Sadie” ~ Joanna Newsom


Everything i know about celebrities – a short list

Everything i know about celebrities – a short list:

1. Celebrities come in all shapes and sizes.
2. All celebrities are rich, beautiful and have lovely teeth.
3. All celebrities lead exciting and full lifes and go to parties every night.
4. Celebrities can only hang out with other celebrities.
5. All celebrities can do anything.
6. Celebrities are just like you and me but with a weakness for crack-cocaine.
7. All celebrities are called Pete.

Pirates? No! It’s the Eva Hesse

Whilst recently on the coast, down south, i spied a ship heading for the beach. Quick as a flash i took advantage of my mobile phones camera facility and set about snapping. Imagine my surprise when, what i thought was pirates, turned out to be just the good ship Eva Hesse, with a large cargo of heavy weight minimalist and conceptual artists aboard……. The Good Ship Eva Hesse can be found in the new section Drawings (Lists)

The good ship Eva Hesse sets out with a large cargo of heavy weight minimalist and conceptual artists aboard....... where will this journey end?

A list of popular names for Zebras

After searching extensively across the planet I have still to find a list of the most popular zebra names. I have therefore produced my own. I have done this to begin a debate and invite your feedback on, what I’m sure you will agree, is an interesting subject.

I will work my way backwards, beginning with the least popular and moving through rapidly to reveal the number one name. (I have tried to keep this as simple as possible – so thank you to those who have managed to stay the pace).

So at number:

16. Just like the rain
15. All together now
14. Beneath the rose
13. I can’t stand it
12. Christobel
11. It’s all in my mind

Now the top ten:

10. Blue Monday
9. Woozy with cider
8. Luna de Margarita
7. Destiny
6. Pink Moon
5. Spencer the rover
4. Fly
3. Little eyes
2. Empty shell

And at number one for this week it’s:

1. Day old blues

Thank you for you patience.

Newquay to Keighley (by train). 4th July 2011

Big (fiberglass) dinosaurs spotted in the back of a removals van in Newquay.

Rose Bay Willow Herb nodding at the train.

A ladder and plank, laid across a small stream, a temporary bridge.

Over the railway line an old leaking aqueduct strides.

The lady talking to her Black Labrador dog about the train.

Taking turns sharing bites of our single apple.

A field of Naked sheep and then fields of gold.

An old dead tree, arms raised, dressed in an ivy pullover.

Skeletal remains of a wooden hull revealed in the tidal estuary.

The woman moving down the train in a hooded top and shorts wears a large white wedding hat and veil on her head.

Snippets of over-heard conversations, “Ringo Star sold out doing that Thomas the tank engine” –

Teignmouth, its blue/grey sea strolling along its Red cliffs.

To and fro on the table top my pen rolls to the gentle pitch of the train.

A person in a white hat moves through a crop, now shoulder high, in a distant field.

An iron railway bridge now disused with buddleia growing its length.

The melancholic down-at-heel caravan park with its big pink (plastic) flamingo sign.

A sound, like a small cassette tape being played whilst fast-forwarding, is audible on the train.

A canal boat, the Iceland Gull, entering the city.

‘Quick and Messy’ a graffiti tag on the wall at the entrance to a tunnel.

The silhouette of Scaffolding embracing a church spire.

Two people sharing a kiss on a footbridge over the canal.

Some stuff – 9am flight to Newquay (28th June 2011)

Painted lines (of brick red & off white) restrain and herd us out to the waiting aeroplane

Air South West logo (pale blue to lilac in 6 jumps)

The shadow on the ground from the aeroplane in the air

Straw bales (wrapped in black plastic) far below – tiny rows of full stops punctuating the fields

Trees looking like broccoli florets from the air

Roads thin as daddy-long-legs coming together at a village crossroads

A plane far below looking like a silvery minnow

Hedgerows resembling bleeding inky lines

Major roads, looking like folds across the landscape

Many shaped mirrors reflecting the light

A large factory complex, it’s roofs of greys and magnolia stripes remind me of a Sean Scully painting

Everywhere a Thomas Nozkowski

No smoking signs all Lite up

A forrest shaped like a picasso head

The mouth of the river Avon open wide

Sheep & cattle below looking like tiny daisies on a lawn

Caravan park looking like a stripey sock

6 cricket wickets in a row – look like another Sean Scully

A women reading a magazine article about Andy Warhol prints

Another reading a book about Parkinson’s disease

Man scratching his head doing a crossword puzzle

The. Bump of the plane against the clouds

A list. 12th May 2011

i saw the following on my journey today to Hebden Bridge:

Laburnum blossom
Roadside bench surrounded by bunches of cut flowers in vases
A corgi on a lead in a Burberry coat
Man with a syrup
Man removing graffiti from a bus shelter
Big butterflies attached to the gable end of a shop
A book about the royal family and animals (with princess Di on the front)
An elderly lady wiping a plastic knife and fork on the bus
Homing pigeons on the roof of a coup all facing south
Fresh flowers on a grave
Beveled roadside mirror
A charred house
Union Jack bunting
Sign out side the Conservative Club “These benches are strictly for members. Not for public use”