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The Distinction Between Being Up and Being Down At South Square.

Simon Boase | The Distinction Between Being Up and Being Down | 02 June – 01 July 2012 | South Square Gallery

The Distinction Between Being Up and Being Down is a sound and image installation considering the importance of dance music as a backdrop for various social experiences. Through inviting live contributions from international DJs, sharing mixes online and constructing furniture that references the interiors of house parties, Boase creates an environment where music and the structures of its proliferation are utilised and made accessible……..(from the gallery press release)

Exhibition View

Exhibition View

Exhibition View

Exhibition View








God Save The Zine

God-save-the-zine, hand produced flier by artist Jean McEwan, 2012

God Save The Zine, Hand produced flier, by artist Jean McEwan, 2012

Ante – exhibition, book fair, gig and workshops

Look out for these Ante flyers!

goody bags from Ante

These beautifully printed ‘goody’ bags will hold the ‘programme’ and Sheets of stickers. etc for you to collect.

“Ante is a free weekend event in Shipley, Bradford coinciding with May Day and building on the history of that day as a moment of social struggle and change. Focusing on the meeting point of politics and culture – and the politics of cultural production – Ante (from the Latin ‘before’) is ‘about the person we were until we became buried by work (or increasingly, ‘no work’), by shopping, debts, television and the all the worries and stresses and strains of modern life … It’s a day when we remind ourselves that a life always promised for tomorrow is a life robbed of today.’
…” (from the press release)

Comprising of an exhibition, book fair, gig and a programme of workshops, Ante includes submissions from local and international contributors including Leeds Surrealist Group, Black Dogs, Chto Delat?, Ultimate Holding Company, Loosely Bound, Ricky Adam, Salford Zine Library, The Print Project, Seth Tobocman and many more.

5th/6th May, 2012, 10am onwards at the Kirkgate Centre, Kirkgate, Shipley BD18 3EH. Admission: free.


Peter Gallo

Blue Ship  2011 Oil on linen on found panel 12x23"

Paint Symptoms  2011 Oil on dyed felt mounted on panel with staples 16x8"

Peter Gallo – so good!

Loopholes | Michael Day


Loopholes | Michael Day | 07 -29 April 2012

Loopholes is a solo exhibition by Sheffield-based artist Michael Day that combines video projections and electronics to explore moving image, landscape and technology.

South Square, Thornton, Bradford, BD13 3LD

‘Francesca Woodman’ at Guggenheim Museum –

Francesca Woodman

Here’s a good article from the N Y Times on the late great Francesca Woodman ‘Francesca Woodman’ at Guggenheim Museum –

The Woodmans

Betty Woodman, Grey Diptych, 2010, Glazed earthenware, 78.75 x 34.25 x 7.75 in

This show looked interesting, It was called The Woodmans Link and was at GALLERY DIET last month, in Miami, Florida.

“Betty Woodman is Internationally recognized as one of today’s most important sculptors using ceramics, since the 1950′s she has worked to challenge traditional notions of form and materiality through her manipulations of the material. Charlie Woodman has been working in the field of Electronic Art for more than twenty years creating works of sound, video, and interactive projects that blend live music with video projection. Francesca Woodman is best known for photographic works often using herself as the subject, her sophisticated images of the body are referenced by countless artists working with performance, photography and the body. George Woodman has worked in a variety of media including painting and sculpture, his current work focuses on photography, and photographs with paint on them”. (press release)