Ante – exhibition, book fair, gig and workshops

Look out for these Ante flyers!

goody bags from Ante

These beautifully printed ‘goody’ bags will hold the ‘programme’ and Sheets of stickers. etc for you to collect.

“Ante is a free weekend event in Shipley, Bradford coinciding with May Day and building on the history of that day as a moment of social struggle and change. Focusing on the meeting point of politics and culture – and the politics of cultural production – Ante (from the Latin ‘before’) is ‘about the person we were until we became buried by work (or increasingly, ‘no work’), by shopping, debts, television and the all the worries and stresses and strains of modern life … It’s a day when we remind ourselves that a life always promised for tomorrow is a life robbed of today.’
…” (from the press release)

Comprising of an exhibition, book fair, gig and a programme of workshops, Ante includes submissions from local and international contributors including Leeds Surrealist Group, Black Dogs, Chto Delat?, Ultimate Holding Company, Loosely Bound, Ricky Adam, Salford Zine Library, The Print Project, Seth Tobocman and many more.

5th/6th May, 2012, 10am onwards at the Kirkgate Centre, Kirkgate, Shipley BD18 3EH. Admission: free.



2 responses to “Ante – exhibition, book fair, gig and workshops

  1. So much fabulous stuff happening in yorkshire this next couple of weeks.

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