Postcards from the seaside


Did i mention that Cardigirl (Jean McEwan) & me produced the artwork for The Housekeeping Society‘s wonderful new album ‘Postcards’. The album is due to be released on the 14th of May, details can be found here.

The band say that For this record, they wanted to create snapshots of an imaginary British seaside town, where visitors and inhabitants -holidaymakers, fishermen, local business proprieters -experience the joys and heartaches of living by the sea. Maybe they’re coming back for their annual visit, bagging a deckchair to watch the donkeys trek up to the pier and back. Maybe they’re sorting through the wreckage that saw their father/husband/lover lost at sea. Maybe they’re longingly waiting for the door of their B&B to open, heralding the arrival of a favoured customer. Maybe they’re resigned to the fact that new-fangled jet planes have made sunnier, foreign climes a more attractive summer holiday proposition.

(Postcards was produced, written, arranged and performed by Ric Neale, Spencer Bayles and Ivan Mack. Recorded and mixed by Gary Chilton, and mastered by Will Richards. The band were joined by Lizzie Hussey on violin and viola, Zosia Lewis Berkieta on saxophone, Anthony Davis on flute, with additional backing vocal by Jacqui Wicks. The artwork was created by Jean McEwan and Robert Hope, and edited with the help of Georgia Mack).


4 responses to “Postcards from the seaside

  1. ahh, wouldn’t it be great if you could just hitch the house up and drift like that – without the traffic jams…Hope the album does well x

  2. Brilliant! I would buy the album for the artwork alone!

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