The evolution of self-publishing

I don’t know if you’ve heard but this Saturday 24th March is a very big day for Bradford. As well as being the day of Loosely Bound’s Zine Extravaganza, which is part of  the launch of the fantastic brand new Fabric art space Hand Made in Bradford, (the ex Zavvi shop space at 1 Tyrell street) it’s also the Grand Opening of Bradford City Park.

So as well as the opportunity to encounter and purchase the most eclectic and exciting array of DIY publications, from zines to comics to artists books at the Zine Extravaganza, as well as zine workshops. (and homemade cake), there will be  A TON OF STUFF to see and do throughout the day in Bradford,

For anyone who wants to get up to speed quickly about zines (their history and shit like that) here’s a handy little key which will enable you to make out like you’re an expert on the subject (it’s what i use).

page 19 from Whatcha mean what's a zine, by Mark Todd & Esther Pearl Watson

‘The evolution of self publishing’, from ‘Whatcha mean what’s a zine‘, a wonderful book by Mark Todd & Esther Pearl Watson.


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