DEIA HEY DAYS: The Golden Years – Els Anys Dorats (1960-1980)

A photograph of artist Phill Shepherd in Deia (Circa &1965-69)

I went out for a meal with artists Phil Shepherd and Jean McEwan and had a very enjoyable night. Phil was very entertaining, as always, and shared with us some stories about travelling through France and Spain. Phill has an incredible biography, including living and working as a painter and musician in Deia during the 1960’s & 70’s. This by all accounts was a richly creative period in the history of the little Spanish Island of Majorca:

“Deia’s Golden Age of art, poetry, prose and music lasted from 1960 to 1980. This short but rich epoch was made possible by the lucky confluence of a disparate and international group of writers, musicians and artists on this beautiful and savage coast; the environment that so inspired their creativity. With Robert Graves in the vanguard, writers and artists have congregated in the village of Deia for over sixty years. They were drawn by the mysterious and breathtaking beauty of the locale, the society of the like-minded, the inexpensive food and drink, the spectacular houses and the hospitality of the local people”. Oona Lind

You can read more about Phill and Deia here


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