A visit with artist Phill Shepherd 10/03/12


Phill Shepherd has been busy on a whole new series of paintings since my last visit and here on Robertsworld i would like to share with you one of his fantastic new works. Phill tells me he has been exploring a new palette, making use of day-glo colours, as you can see in the background to the beautiful figure above.

Phill in these new works continues to present a series of portraits, of people and images found on the internet. These however under-go a series of transformations. Detail is discarded, as is any reference to the original colours (more often than not he works from black and white prints). His trans-formative process then is applied to the forms, which are defined in flat simplified, interlocking planes. These can however, unexpectedly, turn into surprising arabesques holding the surface in a curious tension. And colours subtly glow through from beneath the surface – between you and me the paintings are stunning.


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