St Paul – should he, shouldn’t he?

St-Paul painting by Robertsworld


According to some people Sir Paul McCartney should be made a Saint – what do you think? Should he be made Saint Paul as soon as possible. Please leave your thoughts below.


9 responses to “St Paul – should he, shouldn’t he?

  1. I’m creating a workshop at the moment which asks the question ‘who’ would you propose to be a modern saint, why and where would you make a pilgrimage to in their honour! It’ll be interesting to read the answers on this

  2. Thumbs aloft for Fab Macca to be canonised with immediate effect. Ok so I know what you’re gonna say. This is the man who gave us The Frog Chorus. But he also gave us Helter Skelter. For that we should be truly thankful. Amen.

  3. Maybe beatified or canonized but not sainted, that is reserved for Geldoff

  4. He is neither dead, shown heroic virtue, performed a miracle or lived a holy life. What would be the point? May I suggest putting him in a canon?

  5. As being a saint is usually ‘a person of exceptional holiness or goodness’ then no he shouldn’t be made a Saint. Writing a few good tunes doesn’t neccesarily make you holy or good (plus he comes across as a bit of a dick).

  6. Ball in the air here BUT if Celebrity IS the New Religion then surely he’s a perfect candidate?

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