My aspirations for Bradford

How do‘ , as you may already know, is a wonderful new monthly publication about what’s happening in Bradford. And the jolly nice people at the magazine recently posted this on Twitter: “@HowDoBradford What are your aspirations for Bradford? Let us know in a tweet, or alternatively a 50 word email to”.

This got me to thinking what would my aspirations for Bradford be? So here is my 50 words (or there abouts).

I would like Bradford to be somewhere a little warmer, like Spain for example. I would like to have orange trees growing throughout the City, lining the streets, which would be pedestrian only. I think white-washing the entire Town Centre would be fun, as would turning the Town Hall into Disney World and moving all the Disney Characters into it.

You don’t get much for 50 words to be honest but i tried – why don’t you have a go?


8 responses to “My aspirations for Bradford

  1. Sounds great. The oranges trees could be owned by the residents so we can all have whatever oranges we want. Maybe apples too, for homemade cyder obviously

  2. Chuckling to myself, I did for a horrible moment think you were going to write something rather sober, phew it was off beat after all :-)

    Can’t really do Bradford but I can have a blast at Halifax.

    “Every Wednesday, ‘cos Wednesdays are a bit dull, I would like the big chimney at the Nestle plant to swell up just like there’s a cartoon human cannon ball stuck in it and then eventually it explodes, sending an arc of thick yummy chocolate splattering across the town centre – Period”

    Got to 49 so the “period” is just filler!

  3. Well when I’m working in the Eureka office I look straight out at the chimney so I have a lot of time to think about it. You should come round Eureka! you’d have a whale of a time :-)

  4. If we had our very own orange trees, it wouldn’t be long before Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall sets up a stall in Centenary Square. He’d be able to do a whole series on marmalade making. Actually, bramalade!

  5. Also, when he’s finished with the oranges for bramalade, the oranges could then be used like La Tomatina (T’orangina?) in Valencia! Would have to wait for the oranges to be really ripe though otherwise it would smart when you got hit.

  6. I’ve never heard of Bradford but would definitely visit if the town was white. Why do we make our buildings so stern when our lives are driven by colour? And the smell of oranges in summer? Oh Yes! I appoint you King Goofy of Bradford. Move on in to that big white Town Hall, suck on that sweet orange and invite me over. Cheers Sue

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