An interview with artist Edgeworth Johnstone


What form of art or media do you work with?

Oil or acrylic paintings mainly.

Can you describe your studio/work space.

My wife and I work in the same room we live and sleep in. I sit on the floor, Shelley has a chair and desk. The carpet’s covered in paint, paintings hung on and stacked against walls. The chemical smell is probably a health hazard while we sleep, but not too bad. It’s small, dark because we tend to paint at night. A ceiling bulb is the only light source. It’s cold this time of year, because we can’t put the radiator on. It’s simple, but perfect for us because we live surrounded by our work. I wouldn’t want art to be a seperate thing, it’s a healthy all-eating obsession.

Please give a brief description of your creation process and technique.

It’s whatever comes to mind. There’s no preparation work or thought behind it. I flick through books of paintings about every ten minutes, trying to immerse in it as much as possible, and forget as much as I can.

couple with candle, painting by artists Edgeworth Johnstone



What are you working on at the moment?

They’re usually finished in one go, so nothing right now. Apart from a 6 by 5 foot painting I keep going back to, a war scene involving people and birds called ‘Orchestra’. A conductor is mocking it, conducting the chaos. It’s a picture of chaos and brutality really, but as much like a party as anything else.

How do you know when a work is complete?

It gets a look that looks finished. I don’t think there’s a way of explaining it.

woman in park, painting by artists Edgeworth Johnstone



Do you listen to music when you are working, or the radio, or work in silence?

Silence preferably, or sometimes music. Not radio.

What are you reading at the moment?

Bits of artist monographs, but not cover to cover or in any order. Just whatever I pick up.

What is your favourite artwork by another artist?

Nothing stands out, but I’ll say Schoolhouse by Paul Klee.

Please complete the following sentences in whatever way is meaningful to you:

a) Artists should …appreciate the value of art.
b) Art is… where we can be ourselves, and do what we want.
c) The World is… too easily ignored.

What is the worst thing someone has said about your work?

Insults are ok, the worst is compliments comparing it to art I can’t stand.

Who is your favourite German Expressionist painter?

Probably Klee or Kirchner.

evening attack, painting by artists Edgeworth Johnstone



Thank you Edgeworth.

More from Edgeworth Johnstone can be found here (art blog) and here (web site)


3 responses to “An interview with artist Edgeworth Johnstone

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  2. There good questions of his work. Our radiator problem soved, borrowed electric one:)

    • Hi Shelley, I’m very glad to hear that because, I don’t know about down there, but it’s perishing cold up here in the North! Cheers for dropping by and leaving your comment. All the best, Robert

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