postcards from a vampire

Edvard Munch, Vampire

I’m not so sure being a vampire is all it’s cracked up to be. For sure being slim, pale and interesting is good, but what are the real long-term health consequences of a severe vitamin D deficiency. Obviously the promise of long lie-ins of a morning are a huge pro. But when i get up of an evening i can’t see myself in a mirror to get ready to go out! And you try to get a half decent parting in your hair without a reflection. Also,need a wee hair trim, there are no barbers around here that do a late night opening – and i wouldn’t be seen dead in a hairdressers. I like the whole cape and evening suits thing but i am occasionally mistaken for some snooker player! Oh yes and the garlic thing is a pain – i used to really enjoy a dhansak once in a while. Wish you were here.



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