6-inch Cube, the movie!

Video of the opening night at the exhibition ‘6-inch Cube’ at the South Square Gallery, in Thornton. The wonderful Patricia Calver (artist and curator) has curated the diverse group exhibition 6-inch Cube. The exhibition brings together beautifully crafted small and miniature artworks made from across the UK. Among the artists included in the show were: Morwenna Catt, Sue Platt, David Thomas, Keith Murdoch, Terry Green, Elizabeth Milner, Patricia Calver, Nancy Stedman, Val Emmerson, Tracy Leach-Williams, Irene Edwards, June Russell, Anna Lambert and Heide Harding (with her stunning performance). Apologies to all the other Artists whose names i neglected to note down.


3 responses to “6-inch Cube, the movie!

  1. This looks like a really good show, I like your work and a lot of the others too (I was paticularly interested in Tracy Leach-Williams paintings). The video you posted here is a great way to view, and as whet my appetite for the real thing. When does it close?

  2. Sorry! when I said “your work” I was forgetting whose blog I was reading (I have just been to Terry Greene’s blog). Do you have anything in this show?

  3. Hi Andy

    If you can get to 6-inch Cube – it’s worth it (and there are another couple of shows on in other parts of South Square). Oh and visit the cafe (i think it’s only open between 11.30ish and 2,30ish) it does wonderful veggie food. The show is on until the 29th of January 2012 i think.

    (And no – I didn’t get my act together in time to have something for the show, unfortunately). If you do get along get back in touch and let me know what you think, cheers.

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