The new and improved Robertsworld Blog

We have had a theme change and a slight identity change on the blog. So today i would like your feedback on the new look. Please leave loads of comments about what you think – good and bad! I look forward to reading them. Have a great day guys!!!


14 responses to “The new and improved Robertsworld Blog

  1. Hello Robert like your new look – very ‘you’ – highly colourful and quirky! x

  2. Wow! It IS a change too, some echoes of carnival and grindshow there – looking forward to seeing what you do with it

    • Now that’s what i’m talking about – brilliant response ayrgael, not sure what grindshow is but it sounds ‘street’ so that’s cool. Big thank you for dropping by and leaving a message you rock.

  3. Ahoy Rab!!!! this is my new fave rave place :)

  4. Much better, it is very fairground and cheerful! My main crit would be re. some of the text. The pale grey is disappearing somewhat against the competing turquoise, likewise the pale green. Maybe you could deepen the tones of text or lighten the turquoise to improve the ‘visibility’?? Hope you still like me after saying this, young Robert!

  5. Oo I like it! As soon as I saw the header I thought of Westworld for some reason. Is Yul Brynner lurking around here somewhere ready to grab us!?!?

  6. Cheerful, friendly colours. Very inviting.

    • Hi June, thank you for dropping by. Appreciate your feedback and please come back anytime. (I just thought i will be doing a regular interview/questionnaire thing with various artists to go up on the blog. if you would be interested in taking part please let me know – cheers)

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