BLAST, an 156 page magazine, described as being emblematic of the modern art movement in England. Having never been lucky enough to ever see (let alone ever owning) an original copy of the Vorticist, 1914 publication, I still love it. Everything from it’s simple striking pink cover to it’s outrageous provocative content is wonderful. The ‘Blast’ and the ‘Bless’ pages are pure genius/madness and could have been written by Spike Milligan himself.

The eulogy for one of their members/artists, Frederick Spencer Gore, who had apparently recently died of pneumonia, bizarrely appears to at the very least accuse the artist of laziness!

‘Orchestra of Media’ is another interesting page where the group reflected upon the imminent death of ‘fine painting’ (in this instance, as now, a pejorative label) and the move towards the extension of painting – containing elements of “discord and “ugliness””. which all sounds very contemporary and familiar. (follow this link to view the entire publication as a pdf file).

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