Books, Jackets & Ned Kelly

Return to Glenrowan, (image care of the Nolan Gallery) by Sidney Nolan.

I’ve always been fascinated by the stories and images of the legendary Australian outlaw Ned Kelly. I have enjoyed many things that have been produced, inspired by his legend. i love the wonderful cycle of Ned Kelly paintings, completed in the 1940’s, by Sidney Nolan. I even liked the movie of his life, with Mick Jagger playing the lead.
There are many good books exploring his escapades and his life. The one that stands out is Peter Carey’s Booker prize winning: True History of the Kelly Gang. And very recently, well this morning actually, i stumbled on this web site (link) and was delighted to discover a page full of all the various jackets in which the book has been published from around the world.
My favourite are the two below but there are some interesting ones – including one with a wonderful Sidney Noland painting on the front. What a great idea to collect them altogether on one page like that. Nice one dude!


5 responses to “Books, Jackets & Ned Kelly

  1. Peter Carey’s book about Ned is almost pure fiction,for Ned’s real story you should read Ian Jones’ books.I would also very highly recommend watching The Last Outlaw (1980) starring John Jarratt as Ned,by far the most superior & accurate telling of the Kelly Gang on film yet.

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