Belly of My Dog

I would really like to present an exhibition of paintings that have had an influence on me. I would call the show ‘Belly of My Dog’. And today I’m trying it out online. So here are a few of the works that i would like to exhibit by some excellent artists.

Artists as they appear below: Stewart Hitch, Thomas Noskowski, Varda Caivano, Forrest Bess, Chris Martin, Andrew Masullo, Phil Shepherd, Carroll Dunham, Chuck Webster, Chris Johanson and finally the master Philip Guston.

(I would like to thank Bromski for a number of these images from his flickr site – cheers)


4 responses to “Belly of My Dog

  1. Like the ‘drunk’ picture. It’s a more cheerful version of the Radiohead ‘Just’ video :-) What would be lovely to know is why these are influential on what you do and how that carries forward into your own work.

  2. great work… all of it.

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