How to make a painting about painting

Wear New Pants In Sister-City Struggle, 2011, Keith Allyn Spencer

This mornings blog is another ‘look at what i stumbled on late last night sort of a thing’. Keith Allyn Spencer is an artist, working in the USA who makes small, beautiful, characterful paintings which might be further described as: crooked, askew, awry, out of line, at an angle, off-balance, lopsided, skewed; informal cockeyed and wonky! And it’s hard not to be beguiled by his work and investigations.

The artist says “I like the smell, the touch, the look, the mess that comes from painting. I don’t consider the paintings abstract. Yes, they look so, but it’s because I see them more as these little sculptures, these little objects…… they are 3D since the entire piece is fully considered and fundamental to its making (inside and out, front to back). This isn’t realized unless you 1) see the images from the website, or 2) have the nerve to take it off the wall to view it from behind. Most wouldn’t do this in a gallery situation, but I encourage you to. The space they inhabit is pretty important, too. Some related keywords may be: intervention, underutilized, populist, fry-cook, post office, “unsophisticated”…”.


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