Peter Gallo

Peter Gallo, Drawing, I will Face

There are so many wonderful artists working out there and with the aid of the internet it’s possible to stumble upon an image which compels you to find out more about the maker. That was the case with the artist, Peter Gallo, whose work I recently chanced upon.

Peter, who lives and works in the USA, incorporates text and symbols (hearts) over intentionally bad paintings, of what could be the smiley face symbol, sail boats, planes and rough (Mondrianesque) abstracts on smallish and sometimes shaped canvases.

Often there is a whimsical feeling to his rather down at heel objects, drawings and paintings but, at one and the same time, there is also something heart felt (a loss and sadness) communicated somewhere between the scrawled text and the forlorn image beneath.


6 responses to “Peter Gallo

  1. Seems to be the visual equivalent of why I love J Mascis guitar solo’s so much! Will check more of his stuff on the net.

  2. That is a scandal. Please admonish said friend!

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