An end to those disturbing dreams

This is an apology by Robert E Hope

To whom it may concern,

I have been having lots of disturbing and weird dreams recently. I was told that it might be because I sometimes think up really nasty ways to get my own back on people who annoy me, especially the guy who let’s his dog and chikens run all over my garden and poo in it and stuff.

I was told that the way to stop the bad dreams is to apologise to everyone so my conscience is clear. And so to everyone I am really sorry I dreamed up all those horrid things to do to you an your dog and chickens, and also for the curse I had put on you and your children – and your childrens children and their children!


2 responses to “An end to those disturbing dreams

  1. The time is ripe for a ‘My Name is Earl/Mr Hope’ style challenge!

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