An open letter to Mr Gary Hume

Dear Mr Hume,

I feel i need to apologise to you for drawing a set of eyebrows onto a picture of one of your paintings, one of your door pictures, a yellow one with white circles was in an old weekend guide. This was wrong of me. I sort of drew something else as well, i’m not proud of what i done.

My only excuse for doing that was that i was a little pissed at you for refusing my painting for the John Moores 2010. But i’m over that now and i’m sorry.

Kind regards,


4 responses to “An open letter to Mr Gary Hume

  1. Awwww! Het Babe it’s HIS LOSS! xx

    • Thank you Ayrgael – your support and kind comments are really appreciated. I’m really fine now and pretty much getting over it.

      • squirrelfist

        Tee hee have only just seen this! I’m glad your blog is here Mr Hope it does make me chuckle. I like this gentle artistic act of mildly uncouth rebellion. Like putting a banana in the end of a tank’s cannon. I need to have a go at this. Tempted to send a postcard to my old employer now. I could draw googly eyes on the horse. Yes that’s it
        ! :-)

      • You are a true gent sir! I love the picture that is conjured up with the banana and the canon analogy. Thank you. Good luck with the post card – we need to see it of course……

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