A list of popular names for Zebras

After searching extensively across the planet I have still to find a list of the most popular zebra names. I have therefore produced my own. I have done this to begin a debate and invite your feedback on, what I’m sure you will agree, is an interesting subject.

I will work my way backwards, beginning with the least popular and moving through rapidly to reveal the number one name. (I have tried to keep this as simple as possible – so thank you to those who have managed to stay the pace).

So at number:

16. Just like the rain
15. All together now
14. Beneath the rose
13. I can’t stand it
12. Christobel
11. It’s all in my mind

Now the top ten:

10. Blue Monday
9. Woozy with cider
8. Luna de Margarita
7. Destiny
6. Pink Moon
5. Spencer the rover
4. Fly
3. Little eyes
2. Empty shell

And at number one for this week it’s:

1. Day old blues

Thank you for you patience.


3 responses to “A list of popular names for Zebras

  1. My Daughter is amused and surprised to be at no7! Especially as she’s not actually a zebra!

    • To be honest i think Destiny should have been higher but Betty (my dog) was helping me choose the names and she insisted it should be at number 7. So well done to your daughter – in the top ten at least – how many of us can say that! x

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