Newquay to Keighley (by train). 4th July 2011

Big (fiberglass) dinosaurs spotted in the back of a removals van in Newquay.

Rose Bay Willow Herb nodding at the train.

A ladder and plank, laid across a small stream, a temporary bridge.

Over the railway line an old leaking aqueduct strides.

The lady talking to her Black Labrador dog about the train.

Taking turns sharing bites of our single apple.

A field of Naked sheep and then fields of gold.

An old dead tree, arms raised, dressed in an ivy pullover.

Skeletal remains of a wooden hull revealed in the tidal estuary.

The woman moving down the train in a hooded top and shorts wears a large white wedding hat and veil on her head.

Snippets of over-heard conversations, “Ringo Star sold out doing that Thomas the tank engine” –

Teignmouth, its blue/grey sea strolling along its Red cliffs.

To and fro on the table top my pen rolls to the gentle pitch of the train.

A person in a white hat moves through a crop, now shoulder high, in a distant field.

An iron railway bridge now disused with buddleia growing its length.

The melancholic down-at-heel caravan park with its big pink (plastic) flamingo sign.

A sound, like a small cassette tape being played whilst fast-forwarding, is audible on the train.

A canal boat, the Iceland Gull, entering the city.

‘Quick and Messy’ a graffiti tag on the wall at the entrance to a tunnel.

The silhouette of Scaffolding embracing a church spire.

Two people sharing a kiss on a footbridge over the canal.


2 responses to “Newquay to Keighley (by train). 4th July 2011

  1. Love the “ivy pullover” observation. A brilliant expression indeed!

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