Some stuff – 9am flight to Newquay (28th June 2011)

Painted lines (of brick red & off white) restrain and herd us out to the waiting aeroplane

Air South West logo (pale blue to lilac in 6 jumps)

The shadow on the ground from the aeroplane in the air

Straw bales (wrapped in black plastic) far below – tiny rows of full stops punctuating the fields

Trees looking like broccoli florets from the air

Roads thin as daddy-long-legs coming together at a village crossroads

A plane far below looking like a silvery minnow

Hedgerows resembling bleeding inky lines

Major roads, looking like folds across the landscape

Many shaped mirrors reflecting the light

A large factory complex, it’s roofs of greys and magnolia stripes remind me of a Sean Scully painting

Everywhere a Thomas Nozkowski

No smoking signs all Lite up

A forrest shaped like a picasso head

The mouth of the river Avon open wide

Sheep & cattle below looking like tiny daisies on a lawn

Caravan park looking like a stripey sock

6 cricket wickets in a row – look like another Sean Scully

A women reading a magazine article about Andy Warhol prints

Another reading a book about Parkinson’s disease

Man scratching his head doing a crossword puzzle

The. Bump of the plane against the clouds


3 responses to “Some stuff – 9am flight to Newquay (28th June 2011)

  1. I love the picture your words paint here, especially the image of the plane ‘bumping’ against the clouds

  2. Yay been waiting ages for some more of your observations. Like the full stops bit. My Girlfriend convinced her children that those bales in black plastic were actually cow eggs. I love that idea :-)

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