A list. 12th May 2011

i saw the following on my journey today to Hebden Bridge:

Laburnum blossom
Roadside bench surrounded by bunches of cut flowers in vases
A corgi on a lead in a Burberry coat
Man with a syrup
Man removing graffiti from a bus shelter
Big butterflies attached to the gable end of a shop
A book about the royal family and animals (with princess Di on the front)
An elderly lady wiping a plastic knife and fork on the bus
Homing pigeons on the roof of a coup all facing south
Fresh flowers on a grave
Beveled roadside mirror
A charred house
Union Jack bunting
Sign out side the Conservative Club “These benches are strictly for members. Not for public use”


3 responses to “A list. 12th May 2011

  1. Hey hey hey! You’re in my neck of the woods! Do you travel around with a notepad or do you manage to keep all of these observations in your head?

    • Hey SquirrelFist – i really like your neck of the woods! And yeah, I guess i’m a little sad, i travel with a small red sketch book at all times. I tend to scribble stuff down but it’s the things/observations that stay with me that i use. Have a good weekend.

      • squirrelfist

        Absolutely nothing sad about that at all. I often come up with snippets of lyrics in my head and by the time I get where I am going they have dribbled out of my ears. You too Mr Hope and I look forward to your next entry!

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