A list. What i saw on my journey.

I went to the South Square Gallery.

In Thornton.

Near Bradford.

I saw these things on my journey.

A plastic bag full of wind.

Smoke from a fire in the distance.

New leaves on a tree.

Plastic decking in a front yard.

Braille on the buttons of the cash dispenser.

Woman on a bicycle.

Blue lollipop on the floor.

An unmarked car travelling very fast through Thornton with sirens.

Scarecrow in a front yard.

CD next to the road.

Poster for a circus.

A big wooden cross in the yard of the Baptist Church.

Man with a tiny white feather in his hair and tattoo of a tear on his left cheek.

Mini shreddies on the floor of the bus.

Orange football beside the road.

The family butchers sign (above).


2 responses to “A list. What i saw on my journey.

  1. Hey, that is a photo of our local family butcher, Paul Leadbeater. (lovely bacon, best chops around)
    And it doesn’t say “high class butchers” which is a funny turn of phrase I keep noticing some butchers like to use.

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